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Comment Links Text: are beautiful
Comment Link Placement:bottom center
Background Picture (provide a link please):

Background Picture Position:above entry boxes
Background Picture No-Repeat or Repeat: no-repeat
Background Color: white
Font Type: garamond
Font Size: 12
Font Color: red
Page Title: the most beautiful thing is inside of you
Page Cursor: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y44/bfffz/heart.gif
Link Cursor (When Hovered Over a Link): cross hair
Link Colors (Put a color for each link state below):
- Unvisited: red
- Visited:red
- Active:red
- Hover:red
Link Decorations (none, strikethrough, blur, flipping, bold, underline, overline, highlight, borders, glow, letter spacing) Some of those are only available for hover links. :
-Scrollbar Colors (State a Color for Each Below) (Refer to "Color Scheme" for the
Hexadecimal Color Code Chart):
+Darkshadow: red
+Highlight: white
+3DLight: white
Border type (none, solid, dashed, dotted, double): solid
Border thickness [(very thick (8px-10px), thick(5px-7px), medium(3px-4px), thin(1px-2px)]:  thick
Border color: red
Entry Box position(Center, left, right):left
Entry box color:
Page transition (Checkboard, Fade, Spiral, Horizontal/Vertical Lines, StarWipe, Slide, etc.):  spiral
EXTRA WEBSITE LINKS (what do you want them to say and what are the links):
Do you want a specific layout/banner maker to make your layout or banner?:
Anything Else?: TeddyLuBsU12_449@hotmail.com

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